Celine O'Sullivan Head Shot by Declan English

Meet Celine

Celine was raised in the countryside of Ireland, where at an early age she spent a great deal of time exploring its harsh and beautiful terrain. This forbidding landscape with its intrinsic, multilayered beauty, sparked her artistic vision of forces in opposition, including light, shadow, beauty and desolation, themes that have become central to her work.

Her dedication to art and education has been constant. She studied Fine Art Painting at LSAD and NCAD. Matte Painting at the DD Institute. Photography at UCLA and Project Management at UM.

Following her studies in Ireland Celine quickly moved into a successful career in animation working throughout Europe for Murakami Wolf, Universal Pictures, Don Bluth, Moving Still and Brown Bag Films. She was recruited in Dublin by Walt Disney Feature Animation, LA. She packed two suitcases one for her, one for her daughter and headed to America.

Soulful photography, painting and film have been her lifelong necessity. Celine also loves to travel, she is interested in positive and empowering relationships with every person she meets and loves to exchange stories.

She has been fortunate to have met many great mentors along the way and applies all of this knowledge and experience to her clients work.

Celine O' Sullivan at Salvador Dali museum

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